I loved this newsletter; ye old uterus afflicted me too recently and it always manages to confuse me because it's best known trick is to make you forget it exists until it strikes again and your like

"What is this deep feelin of dread and melancholy, I must be going mad, goodbye carefully cultivated sanity" and then BAM blood. "Tricked again!"

Anyway, weather talk aside, I was wondering where you get your audio books and normal reading books from? Are you rich … because if so, discard.

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Your comment about That Time of The Month took me on a journey!!! You captured it so accurately 🤣

I am far from rich hahaha (from your lips to G-d's ears 🙏) but I borrow books (for little to nothing) from North American libraries (digital, thanks to generous friends who share their cards though some US libraries let non-residents get cards for 50 USD/ year or so) and Kenyan ones (KNLS @ 20 KES/ book borrowed and Bookworm Gigiri @ 500/ month for unlimited loans) so I can read a lot without being bankrupt 😊

Some folks use Scribd too (here's my discount code for your first 2 months free: https://www.scribd.com/gae/8c3zqc) but I'm a mood reader and I feel no urgency that would keep me from waiting for weeks at the library.

So my composition ends 😄

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